Important Tips for a Better Lawn and Garden

juis017412The first step in trying to get a better lawn is to rake or dethatch the lawn and garden. Thatch is that brown stuff that builds up from the dead crowns and stems of grass plants and although some thatch is actually helpful, acting as mulch, thatch that is more than a quarter to a half inch thick should be dethatched. This effort for a better lawn should be done in autumn when the grass is still growing and can recover and is not stressed by the heat as is the case in summer. Many modern mowers have attachments for dethatching and if you don’t have one you can always do some good old raking. This will leave you with a better lawn when you pass the mower and so as to prevent future thatch buildup, you should ensure there is proper aeration, you should make sure you top-dress the soil after every few years, you should settle for a grass variety that are not prone to thatching and you should fertilize carefully because over-fertilizing causes thatch buildup.

The next tip you should follow to make sure you have a better lawn is to make sure you feed or fertilize the lawn well. The question as to how many times a lawn and garden should be fertilized has never yielded a good answer, buy just feed the grass up to four times a year and this should be in the spring and fall in areas with extreme winter conditions. In an effort to enable you have a better lawn even in winter; there are some winterized fertilizers to help your plant grow. The next step in your search for a better lawn should be punching or aerating the lawn. It is important for air, nutrients and water to get to the roots and thatch and compacted soil prevents this. Current lawn mowers have aerator attachments and this works by removing plugs in the soil. This should be done in autumn or spring just like dethatching and for the same reasons too.

Another good how to gardening tip for ensuring in order to have a better lawn is to kill the weeds because they compete for nutrient and water with your plants in the lawn and garden and there are many methods of doing this. These methods depend on the type of weeds, the type of the plants in your garden and the time of year. Instead of using herbicides and other chemicals, you can remove the weeds by hand and this will ensure you have a better lawn.

Other lawn care tips include watering the lawn at the right time and ensuring that you don’t over do it, using the right lawn mower for the right size of grass, using lawn mowers correctly to avoid inconsistencies, taking care of pests such as insects, moles, fungi, mold and hares by use of pesticides or insecticides, pruning during winter, etc. This will ensure that your lawn is healthy all year round and it will guarantee you a better lawn than the one you had.